Metal is a material that evolves and changes over time. The use and contact with air or light and with some products such as perfumes or creams, can alter its appearance.

To keep your pieces in perfect condition for a longer time, we recommend you to store them separately and in a cool and dry place. In this way you will avoid both oxidation and scratches that can be caused on the surface by rubbing.

Our packaging always includes a handmade cotton bag that you can use to store your pieces

If your jewelry has oxidized, don't worry, here you can see some recommendations: clean the pieces by immersing them in warm soapy water, brush them with a soft brush and dry them with a cloth. You can also clean them with a specific cloth for jewelry. For gold plated jewels, skip the brushing step.

Gold plating is a very thin layer that covers the silver. You have to take into account that it is not forever and that by the time and its use it disappears. You can always give it another layer and get the piece back to its original state, but to make it last as long as possible we recommend avoiding contact with perfumes, chlorine, creams and water .

If you have any questions about any of these aspects, do not hesitate to contact us here .